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Shine Tonic

BBLUNT’s Salon Secret High Shine Crème Hair Colour

While all other hair colours leave your hair dull, this revolutionary at-home hair colour gives you soft, shiny hair and colour that lasts up to 4 to 6 weeks. Specially created for the Indian skin tones, this no ammonia hair colour gives 100% grey coverage, lasts long and is available in 7 blockbuster shades. This 3-part hair colour comes with a unique Shine Tonic, enriched with Silk Proteins that gives salon like gorgeous hair at-home!

Shine Tonic, is the secret ingredient to be mixed with the colourant and developer in the bowl. Apply the smooth and fragrant, non-drip blend for glossy, epic shiny hair.

There’s A Colour For Everyone

Created specially for Indian hair to compliment Indian skin tones

<div><a href='http://www.bblunt.com/product/salon-secret-high-shine-creme-hair-colour-coffee-natural-brown-4-31/'><span><strong>Coffee</strong> <em>Natural <br> Brown 4.31</em></span><span>Kareena's Choice<span> </a></div> <div><a href='http://www.bblunt.com/product/salon-secret-high-shine-creme-hair-colour-mahogany-reddish-brown-4-56/'><span><strong>Mahogany</strong> <em>Reddish <br> Brown 4.56</em></span><span> </span> </a> </div> <div><a href='http://www.bblunt.com/product/salon-secret-high-shine-creme-hair-colour-blueberry-blue-black-2-10/'><span><strong>Blueberry</strong> <em>Blue<br> Black 2.10</em></span><span> </span> </a></div> <div><a href='http://www.bblunt.com/product/salon-secret-high-shine-creme-hair-colour-honey-light-golden-brown-5-32/'><span><strong>Honey</strong> <em>Light Golden <br> Brown 5.32</em></span><span> </span>  </a></div> <div><a href='http://www.bblunt.com/product/salon-secret-high-shine-creme-hair-colour-chocolate-dark-brown-3/'><span><strong>Chocolate</strong> <em>Dark <br> Brown 3</em></span><span> </span> </a></div> <div><a href='http://www.bblunt.com/product/salon-secret-high-shine-creme-hair-colour-wine-deep-burgundy-4-20/'><span><strong>Wine</strong> <em>Deep<br> Burgundy 4.20</em></span><span> </span> </a></div> <div><a href='http://www.bblunt.com/product/colour-chocolate-black-natural-black-1/'><span><strong>Black</strong> <em>Natural <br>Black 1</em></span><span> </span></a> </div>

What’s In The Box

  • Salon Secret Colourant:

    1 Tube of Crème Colourant 50 gms.

  • Shine Tonic:

    1 Tube of Shine Tonic 8 ml has Silk Proteins.

  • Easy Instructions for Usage:

    1 Instruction leaflet, follow the instructions carefully.

  • Salon Secret Developer:

    1 Tube of Developer 50 gms.

  • Gloves:

    1 Pair of disposable gloves, wear these while you colour to protect your hands.

Key Features

  • 3-part hair colour with a unique Shine Tonic that gives you salon-like gorgeous hair at home.
  • Contains no ammonia.
  • The rich colour provides 100% grey coverage enriched with Silk Proteins, the colour makes your hair smooth after colouring.
  • Available in 7 blockbuster shades specially created for Indian skin tones.

How To Use Our Hair Colour

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How To Use

Safety And Concern

Hair colour can cause an allergic reaction. Follow the instructions to have a safe colouring experience. Skin hypersensitivity test must be done 48 hours before each application, even if you have already used a hair colour. Put a dab of colour behind your ear using a cotton bud, leave it on for 48 hours. Check for redness and irritation before colouring.

If you like your colour vibrant, rich and deep (who doesn’t?) this new salon secret is for you! The shine will blow your mind!
Heres's my inspiration behind the Salon Secret Hair Colour range.
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Adhuna Bhabani, Founder and
Creative Director of BBLUNT

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For best results, apply BBLUNT Salon Secret High Shine Crème immediately after mixing it with the developer. Prolonged exposure to air may cause oxidation, affecting the desired result.
We recommend that you apply BBLUNT Salon Secret High Shine Crème and leave it on for 30 minutes and 45 minutes only for Wine, Deep Burgundy before rinsing it with water.
As your hair grows, greys start showing at the roots. Most people do a touch up every 4-6 weeks. The frequency depends on a number of factors like hair growth, frequency of wash, exposure to sunlight etc. Simply put, when you start seeing greys, it is time to colour.
You can use a hair colour generally after 2 weeks of undergoing hair treatment.
The colour can be used on natural human hair. The colour will not work on artificial hair.
You may need more than 1 pack for long hair. This also depends on the density of the hair.
Before application of hair colour, preventive measures such as application of petroleum jelly along the hair line and on the ears, should be taken. Application should be done wearing suitable gloves and using a hair colouring brush for application preventing it from touching the scalp. In case the colour comes in contact with skin, it should be immediately wiped off using shampoo or soap with cotton. If stains do develop they should be washed thoroughly with soap/ shampoo and then be wiped off using an antiseptic liquid.


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