Your Ticket To Frizz Free Ville


Tired of constantly having to untangle your dry, dreary, and frizzy locks? A bad hair texture can take all the fun away when you want to experiment with your hairstyle. Because no matter how skilled you are at creating different hairdos, without a smooth, manageable mane, it’s just no good! But don’t fret, we have your tresses covered.

Your Ticket To Frizz Free Ville

1. Raise Your Moisture Game
Moisture is key for rejuvenating a dry mane! Get an extra dose of nourishment with the BBLUNT Intense Moisture Serum that is specially crafted from quality ingredients like Avocado, Jojoba, Argan oil and Vitamin E, AKA, all things good for your hair!

2. Protection At Your Service
Straighteners, curling irons, pollution, smoke can all be real nightmarish for your hair. Give them the protection they need from the environment and heat styling damage with this nourishing serum.

3. How To Get Smooth, Manageable Hair
Take a coin sized dollop of the serum and run it evenly through your hair, especially focusing on your mid-lengths and the ends. You may need more or less serum depending on your hair length. Get best results with damp, towel dried hair. That’s it, silky and smooth tresses in an instant!

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