Glam Up Your Short Hair

Short hair, we care! From a casual to a formal event, you can sport any of these accessories below. When you feel like your hairstyle lacks a bit of sparkle, these trendsetters will rescue your mane. Glam Up Your Short Hair Glam Up Your Short Hair Courtesy: 1. Embellished Hair Pin You can pin up the front with a stylish hair pin. To add some drama to your low bun, clip the hair pin at the back of your hair. Glam Up Your Short Hair Courtesy: Pinterest 2. Solid Headband Go for a plain solid coloured headband to match any outfit you decide to sport. This accessory is perfect for any short hairstyle you are thinking of creating. This adds some charm to your otherwise casual hairstyle. Glam Up Your Short Hair Courtesy: Keiko Lynn 3. Headwrap For asymmetrical short hairstyles, this cloth textured headwrap works best. If you are having one of those bad hair days, tie a top knot and accessorize it with this headwrap at the crown area. Floral headwraps look causal and fun on any style and will definitely be the right choice for your short hair. Glam Up Your Short Hair Courtesy: Bride Box 4. Hair Clip A snap clip is a must have! You can secure your ponytail in a sparkle hair clip or make a half up do with this bling clip. Forget the hair tie and invest in a hair clip instead. Check out how to style your short hair.
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