10 Katrina Kaif Hairstyles That You Will Love

Katrina Kaif is the ultimate diva of Bollywood. What would one not do for that killer figure and porcelain skin? Not to forget her luscious thick locks! While she indulges in experimenting for shoots and movies, in real life she loves to sport her signature hairstyle. She is not a person to take her appearance lightly. Whether she is jet-setting somewhere or making a run to the gym, her style is always on point. Katrina has made it clear by her appearances that she sets the trend instead of following some. Heck, she is one actress who can make a gunny bag look sexy! Let us look at some of the best hairstyles of Miss Kaif we have loved so far.

katrina kaif curly hairstyle with twisted tight curls
Courtesy: Instagram| @sexy.actresss

1. Knock Me Out Twirls

For a recent photoshoot for a magazine, Katrina decided to go beyond her comfort zone and tried the twisty tight curls. By the looks of it, we say that she should be going for this look more often as she looks drop-dead gorgeous in this hairstyle! If you are a diva who is blessed with twirls, then always keep handy to enhance and style those twisty locks.

katrina kaif sleek and straight hairstyle
Courtesy: Instagram| @katrinakaif

2. Poke Me Straight

While promoting one of the brands Miss Kaif endorses, she went for the sleek and gorgeous poker straight hairstyle. She donned this hairstyle as she wanted to let her accessories do the talking. You too can get this sleek and shiny hairstyle simply by using the This will make sure that you have smooth and straight hair without any flyaways.

katrina kaif long bob hairstyle with curly hair
Courtesy: Instagram| @katrinakaifrocks

3. Shaggy Long Bob

Katrina Kaif looked like a true diva when she went for the shaggy long bob hairstyle but with the twist of curls. This is the picture-perfect hairstyle to don when you want to add a touch of glam to an outfit.

katrina kaif bun hairstyle for the gym
Courtesy: Instagram| @katrinakaif

4. Work It Out

When Katrina works out, she does it in style. Notice how she went for the bun to keep the hair in place while working out? However, we give her bonus points for keeping the front twirls loose to add some zest to the whole look. Always keep the in your gym bag to add instant freshness to your locks after sweating it out. This Katrina Kaif hairstyle is perfect while working out.

katrina kaif pinned hairstyle for stage performances
Courtesy: Instagram| @katrinasfcs

5. Half Pinned Hairstyle

Katrina likes to jazz it up while giving stage performances. During one such act, she donned the half-pinned hairstyle with the red glittery ensemble. All you need to do is pin half or some strands of your mane to create this look.

katrina kaif natural hair look
Courtesy: Instagram| @katrinakaif

6. Tousled Vacation

When Katrina has some “me” time, she makes sure she does that with absolute panache. While on a beach vacation, she decided to go for the natural tousled, I-woke-up-like-this hairstyle. Can you ignore that glow on her face!

katrina kaif sleek bun with side parting for indian look
Courtesy: Instagram| @katrinakaif

7. Ethnic Bun

Katrina went for a clean sleek bun with side-parting for a traditional affair. She added sunshine to her bun by adding some bright yellow flowers. The bindi just accentuated her look more. Add that sleekness like hers to your hair-bun by spraying some of the

katrina kaif wavy hairstyle perfect for the beach
Courtesy: Instagram| @katrinakaif

8. Beachy Waves

During the promotions of her upcoming movie, Zero, Katrina elevated her signature wavy hairstyle by adding some more zingy waves to the same. To add more volume to this hairstyle, use the

katrina kaif red hair look for fitoor
Courtesy: Instagram| @katrinakaifstyle

9. Fiery Red

Who can forget Katrina’s iconic character in the movie, Fitoor! She mesmerised us all by dipping her mane in the rebellious shade of red! You do not really need to shell big bucks to get this hair colour. Just grab the

katrina kaif ponytail hairstyle with fringes for a barbie look
Courtesy: Instagram| @kit_kat_fp

10. Barbie Doll

Katrina Kaif is one of the few celebrities who was bestowed with her own Barbie doll! To keep her doll like looks cute and playful, she added the fringe to a classic ponytail. We bet the dolls just flew off the shelves! After all, who wouldn’t love a Kat doll? Is it any wonder that all the men in tinsel town want to have Katrina Kaif as their leading lady? We know you cannot get enough of the actress! Treat your eyes for more by checking out, Katrina Kaif Airport Looks

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