10 Secrets Behind Every Indian Woman’s Hair

Like every woman, are you too in that search of radiant, beautiful and smooth hair? Search no more! We share with you all the deepest secrets that you have been looking for. Here are 10 secrets behind every Indian woman’s hair that are easy to follow and completely natural. 10 Secrets Behind Every Indian Woman’s Hair 1. Oil and moisturize The first hair secret is movement. Massaging your hair with the right and suitable hair oil helps in stimulating the blood flow in the scalp. A simple 3 minute exercise done religiously will provide enzymes, nutrients and hormones that will lead to nourished healthier hair. So the next time your mom removes that smelly oil, don’t hold your nose and run away! 2. Frequency of your hair wash No matter how busy your schedule maybe with the parties and meetings lined up every day do not wash your hair every day. Give your scalp time to re-grease as it is a great source of protection for your hair against the sun, smog and dirt. Two to three times a week is enough. 3. Eat healthy The food you eat highly reflects on your skin and hair. So eat healthy, stay fit and look pretty always. Eat foods that are high in antioxidants. Indian women eat sprouts, ginger and lots of herbs and spices that fight inflammation. Vegetables, salads, nuts, dates, fish and Vitamin B are great supporters to thick and radiant hair. Remember to always stay hydrated. 4. Protection from bad environment The weather in India can get extremely contagious. The air is highly polluted and can have adverse impacts on your hair. Thus you must protect your hair from the harsh UV rays, rain water and chlorine filled water. Now this doesn’t mean don’t get out. Take precautions like wearing a swimming cap in a swimming pool or covering your hair with a scarf. 5. Baby your hair when wet Your hair is most prone to damage when wet. Ensure that you gently pat your hair with a towel rather that vigorously rubbing it dry. So baby your hair when wet to avoid the brittle hair to break. Never use a brush on wet hair. 6. Comb and detangle Always remember to use a thick bristle comb. Using a brush will break the hair from the roots. Remember to detangle the hair gently using a comb. Always detangle and comb the hair twice a day. This will eliminate problems like frizzy hair, thinning hair, breakages, brittles and dry hair. 7. Regular hair trims Regularly trimming the hair helps in getting rid of the damaged split ends. Ensure the hair is trimmed well and regular intervals for healthy and nourished hair. 8. Avoid using very hot or very cold water The kind of water you use is extremely crucial. Piping hot water falling directly on the scalp can burn the hair from the roots. The use of chill cold water can lead to dry and frizzy hair. Thus, luke-warm water is the best possible solution to radiant hair. 9. Wear your hair up Wearing your hair up will prevent excessive exposure from the bad environment. If you are wondering how to look good with the hair being up, worry no more. There are many hairstyles that are chic and trendy and extremely easy to pull off. 10. Take lots of rest If you are worked up and stressed out it will be very hard to maintain a strong exterior. Take loads of rest and sleep well. Eating healthy and enough sleep will make you feel good and thus you will look good.
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