10 Ways To Change Your Hairstyle Without Cutting It

We all know there are times when we are just so bored with our hair and we want to change it! But we are too scared to cut it off! Here are ways to tweak your tresses just to keep things a bit interesting.

10 Ways To Change Your Hairstyle Without Cutting It

1. Try On A Faux Bob You can wig things up! Or here’s a little secret... Just tie it together at the nape of your neck and tuck your hair under, pinning it in place.

2. Clip In Bangs These could be high maintenance but it’s worth the investment with the bangs that help tease people with your eyes. Have your stylist customize a set of natural looking clip- in bangs.

3. Add A Bit Of Oomph With Extensions Play around with the volume and length of your hair with no risk whatsoever! All you do is tease, add hairspray and clip in!

4. Change The Look Of Them Curls You Got Going Switch your ironing barrel with something bigger or smaller. Add in your flavor of classy to the look.

5. Spritz Texturizing Spray To create a matte finish, which is soft in texture yet, bold for the eyes, spray some texturizing spray or sea salt spray. This can help a lot with the bohemian kind of look.

6. Try The ‘Wet’ Look If you are tired of waves, fear not! There’s always the ‘wet’ look to look forward too. Slick back your hair for a chic evening look. This works particularly well on shorter cuts.

7. Tuck Hair Behind Your Ear Well for a more bold and edgy look the easiest trick of all is to tuck your hair behind your ear. It opens up the face and highlights any cute earrings. To keep your hair in place, make an X with bobby pins in the back.

8. Change The Way Your Hair Is Parted Switching sides with your fringe or bangs can always add volume and bring in a subtle change.

9. Fake Pretty Layers To bring in more structure to your face you can always use your hands to set all your hair over to one side of your face. Since your strands are lying across your head the lengths are visually altered.

10. Throw In Some Colour To avoid damage of permanent coloring you can always use temporary hair colour to add in some fun to hair! Play with your colours! Your hair will be a piece of art!

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