10 Ways To Style Your Hair With Accessories

Sometimes we just don’t want to wear any jewelry whatsoever or our outfits feel incomplete. What if there is a way to upgrade that boring look? Here are 10 ways your hair will now complete your outfit.

10 Ways To Style Your Hair With Accessories

1. Scarves Or Head Wraps When you want to add a tinge of bohemian to your simple yet classic look, you can opt for head wraps or scarves. Pick the colour, print and fabric based on the kind of outfit you are wearing. This cute accessory also protects your hair from smoke, dust and the scorching sun.

2. Hair Bands/ Headbands These versatile accessories can completely steal the show. It can pull of classic, chic, cute, edgy or any other look you want to go for. These help with supporting various hairstyles too!

3. Statement Clips Clips would be considered quite childish but using them as statement pieces, it can bring the glamour you are looking to achieve with your hair.

4. Flowers This is the most staple piece during holidays or special occasions. It brings out the dainty in our hair making it look soft, subtle and gorgeous! The best part is that it can rock a day or night look!

5. Jaw Clips This is one of the most popular ways of accessorizing hair. It comes in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colours. They are very effective in holding hair together and also are a shy and subtle way of adding a little extra to your look.

6. French Comb These delicate plastic babies can effectively lock your hair into its place. The added twist it requires will definitely be a bonus to your look, as it looks more put together.

7. Elastics Who said the most staple piece in a girl’s hair accessory collection can’t transform your look? Tie your hair up in a neat ponytail or a messy bun and wrap the material around your head. Polka dots, gingham, lace or different colors- make it fun and make it yours!

8. Ribbons This would be the cutest and most subtle way to spice up your outfit. You can add it as part of your braid or make it into a cute bowtie for it. This is one of the most creative accessories and you can always play with it!

9. Hats A hat can be used to define any style or season! It is also a big lifesaver for bad hair days as well! This piece of work can turn around the entire outfit when very creative.

10. Bobby Pins An absolute favourite and classic hair accessory- the bobby pin. It’s practical and pretty. Bobby pins can be made into different shapes and it comes in different designs; match your pin to your perfect outfit and voila! Beauty in less than a minute!

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