11 Hair Facts That Are Shocking

We’ve spoken about the myths and also all the fantasies regarding our hair. It’s about time we got down to the facts. We mean facts that are very shocking and pretty cool as well. Get to know your hair way better than before but from a completely different angle! 11 Hair Facts That Are Shocking

1. Each strand of hair can contain up to 14 different elements including traces of gold!

2. The only part of your hair that is not dead is the hair inside your scalp.

3. Hair is the second-fastest-growing tissue in the body- only the bone marrow is quicker.

4. 1,00,000 is the average number of hair strands on the head.

5. Hair cross-sections can be used to tell what race or ethnic origin you are. Asians have round-shaped hair, Africans have flat-shaped hair, and Europeans have oval-shaped hair.

6. Hair contains information on what has been through your bloodstream, including minerals and drugs. (Woops!)

7. Ancient Egyptians were the first ones to remove body hair.

8. 40-150 strands of hair are the number of hair everybody sheds per day (unless you’re bald!)

9. Only 2% of the Earth’s population; are natural redheads.

10. The average fast-food customer eats about 12 pubic hairs a year. (We’re sorry for that one!)

11. Human hair acts like a part of the ecological sponge group, we can use them to clean up oil spills! (As if we don’t have our own oily hair problems, we have to solve the environments oil problems too!)

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