Festive Braids For The Season

This festive season BBLUNT is going big on braids! Braids go well with any outfit, be it ethnic or western. You could go for a side braid, fishtail, the one sided braid or even the pigtail, which is certainly trending right now. This festive season Celebraid your hair with our stylists! Check out braids that you can go for and look literally like a firework! Festive Braids For The Season Up-Braid Upgrade yourself this festive season, with a multiple braid up do! Step 1 – Apply BBLUNT’s High Definition Curl Defining Leave-In Cream evenly on damp hair. Step 2 – Use BBLUNT’s iR Professional Hair Dryer to dry your hair. Take the help of the diffuser provided for enhanced, natural curls. Step 3 – Braid your hair into multiple braids and secure the braids into an up do. Step 4 – Secure the hair do with the help of U Pins & bobby pins for extra hold. Braids Festive Two Sided Pigtail Channel your inner 10 year old and go for the trending braid this festive season! Step 1 – Separate your hair into two sections. Step 2 – Apply BBLUNT’s Gel Oh! on damp hair for natural hold. Step 3 – Braid your hair in any style you please, be it single or a fishtail. Festive Braids Twisted Waves Make waves – not war. A braid that everyone will celebraid! Step 1 – Section your hair into 4 parts. Step 2 – Braid your hair into 4 plaits and twist them over each other to create an overlapping effect. Step 3 – Spray your hair with BBLUNT’s Spotlight Hair Polish for a glossy finished look. Festive Braids Long & Braided If you want to keep your hair long, but want to sport this style, go for the long & braided, a hair do that will go perfectly with any of your ethnic outfits. Step 1 – Apply BBLUNT's Climate Control Anti Frizz Leave-In Cream Step 2 – Section your hair into 2 sections and create a single braid. Step 3 – Twist both the braided sections from the crown of your hair till the ends to form a uniform braid. Festive Braids
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