New Hair Resolutions

Show off your true texture and let your mane paint the town red hot! 2017 is another year of stylish and ultra-cool hairstyles. Keep up with the trends this year and most importantly make your mane resolutions. Take a look at what your resolutions for the year should be. New Hair Resolutions

1. Hair Care Routine This year, let’s vow to have a kickass hair care routine! Wash your hair with the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type. Make sure you go for those regular trims and cut down on the heat styling.

2. Nail That Style Getting that ponytail or topknot right, isn’t that tough. Once you master the style, you can leave the house within minutes. For all those greasy hair days, you can throw your hair back into a chic ponytail. So, ladies, this is the year of mastering hairstyles.

3. Natural Is The Way To Go This year let your hair reveal its true texture and it will look fabulous. If you have curly hair, wear them wild and tame that frizz. For straight hair, you can make the trendiest hairstyles look even hotter. Go for hairstyles that accentuate your true hair and stay away from that heat!

4. Swipe Right Find the perfect hairstyle, 2017 is the year of the mane! The right hairstyle for you is one, that suits your face shape, hair texture and personality. Experiment with your hair, till finding the one! Make your hair look less greasy this year with these tips, click here.

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