Best Looks from the 2018 Golden Globe Awards

Courtesy: E! Online The 75th Golden Globe Awards were more than just a platform to recognize the past year’s talent or flaunt the latest couture. This year, it turned into a space for celebrities to speak out against Hollywood’s recent revelations of sexual abuse and as a result, the Red Carpet was painted Black. The stars of the night decided to wear Black to this year’s ceremony, standing in solidarity with the victims and supporting the #TimesUp initiative. Let’s check out how all the men and women in Black pulled off the colour in their own unique styles. The Red Carpet was on fire with all the Hollywood A-Listers standing up for an important cause, and they managed to do it with style and grace. Need some more classy couture to feast your eyes on? Check out what your favourite stars wore at the Golden Globe Awards in 2017.
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