3 Daily Habits That Damage Your Hair

Are you guilty or innocent? Take a look below to know if you carry on these habits that would cause maximum damage to your hair. Now that you know that these aren’t hair friendly, change them to make your hair look fabulous as ever! 3 Daily Habits That Damage Your Hair 1. Too Tight Tying up your hair very tight causes hair fall and puts a lot of strain on your mane. A tight ponytail or high bun damages your hair follicles. If you carry on this routine for long it will ultimately cause a lot of hair loss. So it would be a good thing to put a stop to it immediately. 2. Chemical Toxic Using products with a lot of chemicals can cause more damage than good. Every day use of these products will ruin the quality and texture of your hair. Go for milder hair products that will nourish and beautify that mane. Deep condition your hair with moisturizing hair masks to get back your natural quality. 3. Style With Care Have you been using a lot of heat styling tools lately? If so, do it in moderation. Ladies, that natural tousled look is more envious that a set straightened look. Embrace your natural waves and curls and if the frizz wants to join the party, let it in on all the fun! Our imperfections are what make us different from everyone else; remember that the next time frizz decides to pop up!
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