3 Easy Hairstyles For A Rainy Day

It’s raining, it’s pouring but your mane is still roaring with these simple tips below. Take a look and give your normal hairstyles a revamp! You can braid it, twist it or just tie it up, it’s your choice. 3 Easy Hairstyles For A Rainy Day 1.    Twisty Tales Section your hair into two equal parts. Keep crossing smaller sections of your hair together. The smaller pieces you plait up, the more intricate and pretty it will look. Stop this exercise when you have 2-3 inches of hair left at the bottom. Secure your fishtail up with a sequin elastic band and you are done! 2.    Fabulous Ponytail Back comb the back and the front sections of your hair and gather all your hair in a ponytail. Pull out a few strands from the front and twist them around to give a messy sexy look. To add extra volume, lightly spritz some hairspray on the ends and the front. 3.    Bun With Turns A low bun with a braid at the back is perfect for the weather. It keeps your hair in place and at the same time looks extremely stylish. To add some drama to the look, clip some hair sparkle pins and you are ready! If you are worried your bun may unravel, spritz some lightweight hairspray on it. For days when you can’t wash your hair, this hairstyle is your mane saviour. Click here to check out wedding hairstyles for any hair length!
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