3 Easy Hairstyles For Short Hair Using BBLUNT Styling Products- Akanksha Redhu

This blog post is all about my 3 go-to hairstyles for short hair that are super easy, quick and deceivingly look like a lot of effort and time has been put into them. I try to keep the list of hair products as small as possible and all I really need and love using currently on my hair are 2 products: 1) BBLUNT Climate Control Anti-Frizz Leave-in Cream I love that it has a SPF factor. And this leave in cream is really effective in taming my hair especially during the winter months (my thin hair strands tend to have a life of their own sometimes). It’s important to apply this on damp hair and because of that you just need a coin size amount that gets spread very easily throughout the damp hair. Only to be applied on the ends, please leave your roots free to breathe. I also find that this products delays the greasy, non-shampooed look that my hair get if I don’t wash them for 2 days. It gives my hair a natural flow and smoothness. 2) BBLUNT Spotlight Hair Polish Not to be confused with a hairspray, this is actually a spray on hair serum so you never get that sticky hairspray feel on your hair. This is simply just a finishing product that literally deposits shine on your hair. I spray this on after I have achieved my hairstyle as the absolute last step. If you are spraying it on open hair, make sure they are completely dry to get the best shine out of this product and on the mid sections and ends again. Always remember to shake the bottle really well before use (It’s amazing how many people simply skip this step to save on time. SERIOUSLY!)   To read more, click here
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