3 Ways To Make Your Hair Bouncy And Thick

Is your limp and flat hair? Is it the only thing more depressing than the gloomy weather? Do you spend days trying to work out how to have more voluminous hair? Are you constantly wishing for thicker hair? Well. Look no further. With these 3 easy steps, not only can you instantly add volume to your hair, but also have it look so glossy, it would look like it’s been salon treated.

3 Easy Ways To Add Bounce To Your Hair Things You Need:

1. A hair dryer

2. Hairbrushes

3. Bobby pins

4. Velcro rollers

5. Hair ties

Method 1: 1. After shampooing your hair, pull your slightly damp hair high up to make a top knot. 2. Blow dry the top bun for a minute, making sure it move it around in circles to puff up all strands from all around your head. 3. After keeping it still for about 5 minutes, open up your hair to get natural waves.

Method 2: 1. Blow dry your hair upside down. 2. Tease the crown of your hair with a hairbrush to create a weave. 3. Now slowly and carefully, use a smaller comb to comb your hair in the opposite direction.

Method 3: 1. Take the top section of your hair - that is the hair that falls to the arch of your eyebrows. 2. With the help of a roll-on brush, blow-dry the particular section. 3. With the help of a Velcro roll, roll up the section, carefully puffing it and pinning it neatly with bobby pins. 4. Allow you hair to settle on the Velcro for 5 minutes, before removing it. Now enjoy these immediate and easy methods to have voluminous looking hair!

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