3 Hairstyles For Short Hair This Season

Ditched your long layers and don۪t know what style suits you anymore? While your strands became shorter, styling just became that much faster. This winter, we۪ve picked out some of our favourite hairstyles to go with your look. Whether it۪s a casual day or a formal night, we۪ve got you covered! Here are a few hairstyles we like for this season that will ultimately make you want to flaunt your hair. 3 Hairstyles For Short Hair This Season 1. Tousled waves You could make your ordinary hair day, extraordinary with this look. Use a medium curling iron barrel for this look. Separate your strands into thick sections and curl away. We would recommend this hairstyle for a formal lunch or to a cocktail event. We love how Prachi Desai totally rocks this retro bob cut with tousled waves. Hairstyles For short hair prachi desai 2. Front curls It۪s time for a bold change. This look would work so well with hair that extends until your jaw line. Blow dry your hair completely. Then, curl your front strands on both sides and the rest will fall in to place. We think this hairstyle works best with a mid-length dress. Hairstyles For short hair 3. Sleek & straight bob Keeping it short and straight is the best way to give your short hair a sleeker look. Sandhya Mridul looks like an Indian goddess at the JIO MAMI Festival that also screened her new film Angry Indian Goddesses. Use a flat iron to straighten your front length and give your bob a sleeker, stylish look. You can finish off with some hair polish for a glossy shine to your short tresses! Hairstyles For short hair sandhya mridul
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