3 Hairstyles Inspired By Vintage Fashion With Corallista

The 60s and 70s have inspired generations with their distinctive fashion trends. Today Im showing you how to create three hairstyles inspired by vintage fashion! These are wearable (and easy!) hairstyles, not exact recreations of the looks that inspired them but something reminiscent of these fashionable eras! I partnered with BBLUNT to create these looks and I have to say that their products, which are specially designed for Indian hair and weather, make things much easier for a hair novice like me! 60s Bouffant Inspired Hairdo I tried this on my second-day hair, so I started by prepping my hair with the BBLUNT Back To Life Dry Shampoo. This adds instant freshness and some texture and volume to the roots. I sprayed this to the roots and massaged it with my fingertips. It soaks up the grease and grime collected at the roots giving it a revamp.   60s Bouffant Inspired Hairdo 60s Bouffant Inspired Hairdo 60s Bouffant Inspired Hairdo 60s Bouffant Inspired Hairdo Look 2 : For the second look, I took inspiration from the Feathered Flip that was quite popular in the 70s. While the heavy curls and feathered ends may have been the classic look in the 70s, I wanted to create a toned down version that was both wearable and easy to create for the modern day woman. Im quite happy with how this turned out. I see myself wearing this modern adaption of the classic look often!   70s Feathered Flip inspired Look   70s Feathered Flip inspired Look  

It would take about 10-12 minutes to cover all the sections and once that is done, you can finish off the look with a shine spray. I used the BBLUNT Spotlight Hair Polish to complete my look. Doesnt the end result look glossy and glamorous?

  70s Feathered Flip inspired Look

Look 3 : For the third look, I took inspiration from the signature curls from the 80s to create this look. 80s hairstyles were all about tight curls and loads of volume. Ive added a fresh, modern spin to this retro look to create a more wearable hairstyle.

  80s inspired hairdo I started by applying the BBLUNT High Definition Curl, Curl-Defining Leave-in Cream on damp hair. This gives you frizz-free and defined curls that stay all day long. This cream also protects my hair against the heat damage from heating tools. Once my hair had air dried, I used a curling iron and curled sections of my hair one by one.   80s inspired hairdo  

If you like tighter curls, you can pin the hair this way and finish off with the BBLUNT Spotlight Hair Polishfor instant shine.I wanted to do softer, looser curls so I used a large paddle brush to brush out the curls and then used the BBLUNT Spotlight Hair Polish to finish off the look! And your 80s inspired look is ready!

80s inspired hairdo I hope you enjoyed my recreations of these classic Retro looks!

Which look would you like to try out the 60s Bouffant Side Ponytail, the 70s inspired Feathered Flip or the 80s curls?

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