3 Star Wars Hairstyle We Absolutely Love

Are you a Star Wars fan? Star Wars which is based on an epic American soap-opera and has become one of the biggest franchise of the entertainment industry. Have you ever recreated a Star Wars hairstyle? If you’re someone who is completely fascinated by beauty and fashion, Star Wars is the right place to get mane inspiration from! The hairstyles are so unique and gorgeous it can literally change up your entire look. We have gathered some of the best looks from the movie. Read on to spot if your favourite looks made it to our list.
Star Wars Hairstyle Image courtesy: @whatgeek | Pinterest

1. Princess Leia’s Buns

In the Star Wars movies, we have seen Princess Leia always sporting different hairstyles. She’s sporting two iconic cinnamon side-buns which have gone down in history as one of the most recognizable hairstyles in the film. You can easily achieve this look if you have thick long hair! To create this hairstyle, start by brushing your hair and parting down the middle and separate into two equal sections. Now, tie two ponytails and twist them upwards and secure your hair with bobby pins. Voila! you have just created Princess Leia’s iconic hairstyle. To define this hairstyle more spray some of the
Star Wars Hairstyle Image courtesy: @whatgeek | Pinterest

2. Rey’s Three Hair Knob

This is another Star Wars inspired hairstyle, Rey’s three hair knob. This look is really an interesting one, if you’re trying to achieve a bold and dynamic look. Rey’s three hair knob look can be done on medium, short and long hair. Start by spraying the on your roots and comb it through to get rid of the greasiness if any. Now, make 3 sections in your hair from top to bottom and gather it in a ponytail. On the last loop pull it only half-way through. Wrap around your hair with an elastic band secure it with a pin. This hairstyle can really take your look up a notch!
Star Wars Hairstyle Image courtesy: @whatgeek | Pinterest

3. Alderaanian Crown Braid

Braids have been evolving over the years and this Alderaanian braid of Princess Leia’s is the most admired by the fans. In the “Empire Strikes Back” Princess Leia is seen wearing these crown braids. The crown braids are wrapped behind the ears and all the way around her head. To create this look, start by gathering all your hair on one side and start braiding them. Now, as you have braided your hair, place it across your head and secure with bobby pins. There you have it, simple & stylish hairstyle! Craving for more iconic series hairstyles? Check out The Best Game of Thrones Hairstyles
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