3 Surprising Uses Of Dry Shampoo

Courtesy: Quora Go from third day hair to that fabulous diva mane with just a spritz of dry shampoo. Say no grease and and yes to volume, texture and fragrance with the range of BBLUNT dry shampoos. It’s easy to get gorgeous looking hair, with these tricks! Take a peek below and start spraying. 3 Surprising Uses Of Dry Shampoo

1. Volumizer If you thought your dry shampoo only absorbs grease, you are wrong! The BBLUNT Spring Fling Back To Life Dry Shampoo For Instant Freshness gives your hair a boost of volume. So you don’t need to invest in a separate volumizing spray, when you have this beauty around! Make sure you spray it six inches away from your hair, and all around your mane for total volume coverage.

2. Texturizer The great part of third day hair is that your hairstyle sets better. The BBLUNT Beach Please Dry Shampoo For Instant Freshness adds texture to your hair that sets your hairstyle way better and leaves it looking fresh as a flower. Just shake, spray and rub! The beach inspired fragrance gives your mane a sweet long lasting scent too.

3. Hair Spray If you hate the sticky feeling of hair spray, try the BBLUNT Classic Back To Life Dry Shampoo For Instant Freshness, to grip your hair together. To use it just like your hair spray, spray it all over your hair before you style to give it support. This will give you a matte finish and will set the hairstyle well. Here’s How Dry Shampoo Works For Instant Freshness, take a look.

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