3 Ways To Add Texture To Your Hair Using Dry Shampoo

Who doesn’t want the beachy texture for their hair every day? The feeling of the easy breezy sun, sand and salty sea! Just a few sprays of the BBLUNT Beach Please Dry Shampoo For Instant Freshness to transport yourself to your favourite tropical getaway. What’s more? The Beach Please Dry Shampoo not only removes the grease from your hair but also gives it the desired texture that’s bound to make heads turn. Here’s how you can use the dry shampoo to add some texture to your locks! 3 Ways To Add Texture To Your Hair Using Dry Shampoo 1. Scrunch With Sea salt The Beach Please Dry Shampoo is infused with sea salt which gives you those perfect beach waves. You can use the dry shampoo for that perfect texture on a day when you’re away from the beach but want to be instantly transported to one. The only thing that comes a close second to actually going to a beach is pretending like you’re on one! 2. Remove Grease And Grime The Beach Please Dry Shampoo helps remove the grease and grime that gets collected on your scalp and helps make your hair light and bouncy again. Additionally, it also gives you the best fragrance for your mane in just a few sprays. 3. Add Texture Take a can of the Beach Please Dry Shampoo by BBLUNT, hold the can 15 cms away from your face and spray for texture. This dry shampoo was made not only to make your hair feel better but also look better. Check out Dry Shampoos That Make Your Hair Smell Good.
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