4 Bedtime Rituals To Wake Up With Better Hair

Before you sleep there are a few things you must do to get beautiful hair the next morning. You will not regret this hair routine once you start it. If you want fabulous hair, this is all you need to do! 4 Bedtime Rituals To Wake Up With Better Hair

1. Pineapple Hair Pineapple juice helps your curls stay safe and shiny. Apply this onto your hair and tie a high bun. This makes sure your curls don̢‰t get smashed while you sleep. Let your bun loose and fluff up your hair to see the difference

2. Scarf much? Your pillowcase causes breakage to your hair, to get rid of this problem sleep in a silk scarf. Your hair will remain knot-free and silky in the morning 

3. Brush Brush Brush Before you go to bed, make sure you brush your hair. This will help detangle your hair and save you a lot of time in the morning. This will also improve your circulation and help you get better sleep.

4. Twisty Mane Need those natural waves the next day? Braid up your hair in the night before you sleep. Your hair remains tangle free as you keep tossing in your sleep and the next day you have those envious beach waves.

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