Get High Until You Dye

It’s all about the technique! When you get your hair colour it’s important to make sure you are in safe hands. An experienced stylist will be able to treat your hair just right. Take a look at these colour techniques that will refresh your look. Get High Until You Dye 1. Balayage This French word means sweeping or scanning. The hair is coloured in such a way to give it a natural look and feel to it. The perfect balayage is created when you can’t tell that you have actually coloured your hair. So ladies, always go natural! 2. Babylights These highlights are placed around your hairline. They are subtle and are a great choice for girls with fine hair. This technique includes taking very small sections and cutting them in half, to give you sleek highlights that blend perfectly with your hair. 3. Ombré This is more than just a summer trend. For women who want sun-kissed hair that is darker at the roots and lighter at the tips, this hair colour technique is a must-try. 4. Marbleizing This is a hair colour method that melts colours to give you your dream hue. Contrasting hues are placed in a way that they merge together. To get this technique looking great, it is important to nail the placement of the colours. A mix of warm and cool tones will help get the right shade. Take a look at this Hair Colour That Suits Indian Hair.
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