4 Gorgeous Party Hairstyles You۪ll Want To Try For Christmas

Getting on Santas nice۪ list doesn۪t always fullfill your Christmas wish! We all want the perfect hairstyle to go with our Christmas look. Well ladies, we might not be Santa۪ but we۪ll try to come close! Check out these celebrities rocking some Christmas looks. We hope they inspire your Christmas hair! 4 Gorgeous Party Hairstyles You۪ll Want To Try For Christmas The Christmas Braid Pick a braid of your choice French, Dutch, simple etc. and then accessorize it with some sparkly pins, add in some star clips, or even add a sparkly ribbon. You can pair this up with a beautiful white dress and Red heels to sport the Christmas colours!


Wonderful Waves This Christmas, don۪t let your hair be the Grinch! Deepika Padukone sports the Christmas colour along with her flawless waves and green winter outfit. Go for the perfect waves that complement any Christmas colour. You can spice it up with a gorgeous bottle green outfit and some brown boots!

Deepika Padukone at a promotional event

The Candy Cane Candy canes are smooth, sweet, refreshing and glossy, just like the style Kainaat Arora is sporting! You can get the smooth candy cane look by simply prepping your hair with a heat protect & texturizing spray. Use a flat iron to bring in the shiny straight hair and then accessorize it with your favourite Christmas hat! It۪s simple, easy and can be done in just a few minutes!

christmas hairdos

Princess Curls Evelyn Sharma knows a gorgeous hairstyle doesn۪t mean hours of effort. Go for classic curls this Christmas, they۪re simple and easy to get! These curls would go well with either a body fit or an A- line dress. So ladies, keep it simple and elegant this Christmas with these soft curls.

christmas hairstyling

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