4 Hair Extensions You Need In Your Life

Not everyone is born with the perfect mane and sometimes, humidity and pollution can leave your hair feeling limper than ever. If you want to ditch the products, a quick fix to increase volume is hair extensions! With various lengths and shades, hair extensions are an easy and hassle-free solution to volume woes. Here are the four kinds of extensions every girl should have. 4 Hair Extensions You Need In Your Life BBLUNT-B-Long-Length-and-Volume-Clip-On-Hair-Extension 1. Long Line A long mane is every girl’s dream. With BBLUNT B Long Length and Volume Clip-On Hair Extension, it’s possible! Use this for getting that extra bounce and length in your hair. BLUNT-B-Witched-Wrap-Around-Short-Ponytail-Hair-Extension 2. The Long and Short of It A limp ponytail is no fun, whether it’s on long hair or short. Add that extra swing to a short ponytail with BBLUNT B Witched Wrap Around Short Ponytail Hair Extension or BBLUNT Fairytale Wrap Around Long Ponytail Hair Extension.   BBLUNT-B-Hive-Volume-On-Crown-Clip-On-Hair-Extension 3. Spread The Love Evenly A limp crown and denser ends are more common than you think. An easy fix to the problem is BBLUNT B Hive Volume On Crown Clip-On Hair Extension. Use it to create a thicker and healthier looking crown!BBLUNT-The-Fringe-Straight-Fringe-Clip-On-Hair-Extension 4. Fringe Benefit Always thought of getting a fringe but too scared to take the plunge? With BBLUNT The Fringe Straight Fringe Clip-On Hair Extension, you can experiment with your looks without the commitment! Take a look at How To Blend In Hair Extensions.
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