4 Hairstyles You Can Flaunt At The Chainsmokers Concert

Courtesy: Matrix

Chainsmokers are going to be in town soon and we couldn’t be more excited! Wondering which hairstyle, you should flaunt while you hum along to ‘Closer’ or ‘Roses’? Luckily, we have some funky yet fab hairdos for you to wear that will let you enjoy the concert in style! 4 Hairstyles You Can Flaunt At The Chainsmokers Concert

French Braid Top Knot

Courtesy: Prettydesigns.com

1. French Braid Top Knot A style you can rock with ease! Spunk up the old half up-half down top knot by braiding the front section and voila! You are ready to groove along to your favourite Chainsmokers’ tunes!

Waves And Braids

Courtesy: Teenvogue

2. Waves And Braids Stunning, isn’t it? This intricate looking hairdo isn’t actually that hard to pull off! Start by braiding back sections of your hair into a loose messy bun, finish by braiding the hair directly underneath the bun for a unified look. Finish with a spritz of your hairspray to make sure it doesn’t loosen up later when you are busy dancing at the concert!

Messy Bun With A Headband

Courtesy: Matrix

3. Messy Bun With A Headband An effortless style that looks super chic! Pull all your hair together in a messy bun, don’t worry about being tidy, pick your favourite headband to go with it and add a few stray locks here and there. This hairstyle also lets you show off all your beautiful highlights. Feeling concert-ready already?

Beachy Long Bob

Courtesy: Pinterest

4. Beachy Long Bob If you want to truly pull off a scintillating hairstyle at the Chainsmokers’ concert next week, then it’s time to embrace the lob! The beachy long bob will make you look like the tousled goddess ready to dance away all night long! Check out, Celebrity Looks At The Coldplay Concert.

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