4 Halloween Hairstyles To Die For

Say hello to Halloween! A season of dressing up as cat woman to Charlie sheen and mostly anything in between, a festival that calls out to our inner spooky self. Embrace your inner sexy Satan, but do it differently. This Halloween spook up your hair! Also hair does rhyme with scare… so don’t be afraid to go a little crazy with your tresses. It is the day to face your fears after all. 4 Halloween Hairstyles To Die For The Addams Family This Classic Chignon will go with everything black and long, just like Wednesday, if you know what we mean. Courtesy – Our Senior Salon Director at Khar - Rohan hallo 1 Poison Ivy Just add a little bit of red, and you’re good to go for any party and get everyone green. Courtesy – Our Style Director at Kemps Corner - Venessa hallo 2 Colour Me Bad Channel that mischief inside you and sport this look on Halloween! Courtesy – Our Salon Director at Juhu – Farah hallo 3 Visicous White Channel your inner nurse of villain with this edgy hair art! Courtesy – Our Senior Salon Director at Khar - Shimsha hallo 4 Which one are you going for this Halloween?
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