4 Instagram Worthy Looks You Should Definitely Try

You have started your day and are casually scrolling through Instagram and spot some of these really cool hair looks. You totally love these look and now you cannot wait to try them. We are sure you must have thought that you can totally re-create it and post it on your gram. It’s almost summer and we cannot wait to show you all the cute and chic hairstyles you can style. We have been hitting the Instagram save feature to use to compile a ton of hair inspiration for you. From quirky hair looks to different hair cuts there’s something for everyone to try. If you love getting new hair inspos every month, then keep on reading!

1. The Looped Crown 


Quirky, stylish and perfect to flaunt on your Instagram. The looped crown hairstyle is unique and can be styled with various different looks. To achieve this hairstyle, start by parting your hair on the right side, separate each section of your hair near the forehead and part it. Now, apply some of the Intense Moisture Hair Serum on the mid-lengths of your hair and brush out them. Divide your hair into three sections and start braiding them. Now, grab two small sections of any side of your hair and start creating a loose braid right beside the braided one. Once done, secure it with a bobby pin and set the ends of all three braids in one place. Finish off the hairstyle by spraying some of the BBLUNT Spotlight Hair Polish for Instant Shine and gram it! 

2. Beachy Waves 

It is almost summer and what better than to bring back the beachy waves on Instagram. Once you create this hairstyle and post on your Instagram you surely are going to get a lot of hearts. To start with, spray some of the BBLUNT Back To Life Dry Shampoo for Instant Freshness Beach Please which will refresh your hair and give it texture. Now, spray BBLUNT Hot Shot Heat Protection Hair Mist on the mid-lengths of your hair and brush your hair to allow it spread out evenly. With the help of a curling iron, start grabbing random sections of your hair and start curling them. Hold the curls for about 5 minutes and then release. Repeat this step for all the sections of your hair. Once done, brush out the curls and loosen them up with the help of your fingers. Now, spray some of the BBLUNT Blown Away Volumizing Leave-In Spray for some added texture and bounce. 

3. Curls for The Win 

Who run the world? Curls! There is nothing more attractive than flaunting those huge wavy curls. Curls surely have their own place in everyone’s heart. If you have curly hair, its time they make their debut to your Instagram with this hairstyle. Start by applying some of the BBLUNT HD Curl High-Definition Curl Leave-In Cream to the mid-lengths of your curls and spread it evenly. This ensures your curls are in place and hold the shape for longer. With the help of a diffuser diffuse your hair and enhance your natural curls. 

4. Fishtail Braids

What better than a quirky fishtail braid to spice up your look? Well, have the easiest guide for you to create a fishtail braid. Start by applying some of the BBLUNT Back To Life Dry Shampoo for Instant Freshness Spring Fling. To create this hairstyle, pull your hair back into a ponytail. If this is your first time trying a fishtail braid, start by securing your hair with a disposable clear elastic or a hair bungee. Divide the ponytail into two smaller, equal-sized ponytails. Separate a half-inch section of hair from the outside of the left ponytail. Pull this piece across the top of the left ponytail over to the right ponytail. Next, separate a half-inch section of hair from the outside of the right ponytail. Pull this piece across the top of the right ponytail over to the left ponytail. Repeat steps 3-6 until you run out of hair. When you are finished braiding, secure the ends with an elastic band. 

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