4 Smart And Easy Braiding Secrets From Stylists

Twist, turn and tie. sounds easy? That’s all you got to do to braid up your hair. The messier the braid is the better. Say goodbye to the times you have to party with bad hair days, the braid has come to your rescue. This hairstyle stays best when your hair isn’t recently washed. Check out some braid advice straight from the stylists! 4 Smart And Easy Braiding Secrets From Stylists 1. Dirty is better Don’t braid your hair the day you wash it, the next day is always better to set in the perfect braid. When your hair is clean, it is silky and becomes more difficult for the braid to stay. On messy hair days, go for the braid! 2. Be proud of what you got Whether you have curly or wavy hair, your braid will still be styled to perfection! If you straighten your hair, your braid may not hold throughout the day. Blow-drying instead of straightening your hair will help the braid stay for longer. 3. Go with the twists Don’t get too tied up to make the braid exactly perfect, just go with the flow. There are no rules to a braid. Just begin and the creativity will follow. Twist and turn those tresses the way you like, and voila! Your braid is ready. 4. The right pins You can’t get that messy braid without a few bobby pins! You can use U-pins as well to add volume to your hair, once you are done styling your braid. The pins keep the look in place, ready for you to flaunt!
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