4 Things Your Hair Can Say About Your Health

Your hair is luscious, beautiful and your identity. You get to know more about your health from the way you hair looks and behaves. If you are suffering from hair thinning, it is probably due to one of the reason below. Read on to know more about your hair. 4 Things Your Hair Can Say About Your Health

1. Mercury Fish -Is your hair starting to thin? Some fish contain high amounts of mercury, causing hair loss. Sushi, too causes your hair to thin too extreme amounts. Limit the amount of sushi and mercury contained fish you consume. Swordfish and mackerel have high levels of mercury and some types of tuna as well. Canned fish contain lower amounts of mercury.

2. Sugar -Too much of anything is terrible. High amounts of sugar causes your blood sugar to rocket high. The body pumps out insulin in response to the heightened blood sugar. It also raises levels of androgen, a male hormone that makes the hair follicle shrink in both men and women. So ladies, next time you have a slice of cake think twice!

3. High Glycemic -Food that can be quickly broken down to sugar causes a lot of problems to your hair and skin. Starchy white breads, pastas and cakes cause the same response. This can ultimately cause hair thinning. Having a low glycemic index is always better, so make sure choose your food wisely.

4. Excess Vitamin A -Vitamin A also causes hair loss. A multivitamin would not contain large amounts of vitamin A, however just an individual supplement of Vitamin A would. Excess amounts of this vitamin causes hair thinning.

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