4 Tips To Clean You Hairbrush Properly To Keep Your Scalp & Hair Clean

We always want our hair to look perfect but we forget to do the most important thing to get that look, clean our brushes! It is necessary to clean your hairbrush and makeup brushes regularly to remove the dirt and grime. Your hairbrush comes in constant contact with the greasy hair follicles, dust particles and product build up in your hair. There۪s something missing on your hair care list ladies, and this one is the most important! 4 Tips To Clean You Hairbrush Properly To Keep Your Scalp & Hair Clean 1. No hair in the brush Remove all the hair from your brush before you start cleaning it. If there are too many tangles you can use a pair of scissors to cut through them. This is the first step to getting a shiny new brush. 2. A tub full of shampoo In a bowl/tub or the sink full of warm water, add a few drops of a mild shampoo and swirl until the water is barely bubbly. Make sure the water is not too hot inside the sink. 3. Soak your brush If your brush has a fabric cushion head, dip it in the water for a few minutes to clean it completely. If your brush is metal, you can keep it soaked in for several minutes. The shampoo will make your brush smell nice and remove any dirt in between the bristles. 4. Towel-dry After you soaked your brush, take the bristle side down and lay it on the towel to help make it dry. You can even let it dry overnight or use a blow dryer to fasten the process if required.
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