4 Hairstyles That Will Make Your Features Stand Out No Doubt

Whether its a face lift, a cheekbones lift or even just multiple attempts at lifting your eyebrows, everyones all about the lifts today! Contouring, strobing or flashing sure do work wonders, but we cant resort to them daily. Want a quicker way to getting that lift? Here are some #HairHacks to make your face stand out. 4 Hairstyles That Will Make Your Features Stand Out No Doubt

1. Simple Side Bangs Most of us have an oval-round face. Simple side bangs help you make the cut by putting your eyes more into focus. Theyre the easiest to manage and they give your whole face a more structured look. A fringe is best suited for someone with coloured or really big eyes, but it needs more maintenance than bangs. You can part them to either side and these side bangs will definitely help you up your selfie game.       face1  

2. Pretty In Pixie When it comes to lifting your face, the shorter the hair, the better.Keeping hair off your face makes your cheekbones look well defined and gives them a sharper look. Go pixie and get ready to tell your arch-nemesis, Honey, I have cheekbones, higher than your standards!.


3. Lets Go Layers The layered look never goes out of style. The more layers youre donning the more features youre flaunting! Your first short layer will help your brows look more prominent, a lower second layer will make your cheekbones stand out and give your nose a sharper look. Shoulder length layers will give your shoulders structure, making your neck look leaner.


4. Go Bold With Bob Who doesnt love a sexy jawline? To make your jawline look more structured, take that step and go bold with your bob! Make sure that the bob is right at your jaw length, not below it or above. Though this hairstyle seems like it is high maintenance, its surely going to be worth it! Bobs are super stylish during the summer and draw attention to your skin, making you look younger! Be sure to sport a straight cut, so that the focus remains on your face.


Someone damn rightly said, If youve got it, flaunt it! and this line sure is one that we all should live by. So go ahead, try out one of these hairstyles and flaunt your features.

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