5 Amazing Straight Hairstyles You Should Try

There is something so irresistible about a long, straight mane, don’t you agree? But it can be boring if you don’t experiment with it. BBLUNT brings to you, 5 hairstyles for straight hair. They are fun and uncomplicated and fairly easy to achieve. Be the ultimate the girl-next-door or a total diva in just a matter of minutes! 5 Amazing Straight Hairstyles You Should Try Braids To Your Aid Courtesy: Pinterest 1. Braids To Your Aid Having a bad hair day? Braid your hair. Braids are manageable and work every single time. The waterfall braid or the simple braided headband look neat and beautiful. Try them if you are one for experiments! Double Twisted Ponytail Courtesy: Youtube 2. Double Twisted Ponytail A classic ponytail with a Flip, literally! Loosely tie your hair with a hairband, then create a gap right above the band using a finger and flip your hair inside-out through the gap, twice. It’s flippin’ easy! Pull Off A Jennifer Courtesy: Pinterest 3. Pull Off A Jennifer We’ve all envied Rachel Green and her perfect hair! Jenny’s Hairstyle is every straight-haired girl’s dream. With the BBLUNT Climate Control Anti-Frizz Leave-in Cream and a hair straightener, work your way to this totally sleek look. The Half Up Top Knot Courtesy: Pinterest 4. The Half Up Top Knot This Boho chic hairstyle is easy, trendy and a blessing for, both, short and long manes. How to achieve this look? Simple! Keep the lower half of your hair in subtle waves and tie the top half into a twisted knot. Are you ready to get knotty? High Ponytail à la Ariana Courtesy: Glamour 5. High Ponytail à la Ariana Take this super easy hairstyle to a conference room or a concert! Use the BBLUNT Intense Moisture Serum to get Ariana’s glossy tumbling locks. Check out, 3 Ways To Style Your Hair For Dandiya
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