5 Best Celebrity Looks This December 2015

All year around celebrities are busy either promoting their movies or attending fun events. During this time we get to see so many new outfits and hairstyles that we would have never imagined they would go for. It۪s a big treat for our eyes, as not only do you get to see the new hairstyles they pull off but also the outfit that they choose to go with it and honestly they nail it everytime! Here are a few hairstyles that a few of our favourite celebrities rocked this month. 5 Best Celebrity Looks This December 2015 1. Sleek For The Season - Deepika Padukone Deepika looked really classy at the promotions for her movie, Bajirao Mastani. She wore her hair down and straightened it completely, which complements her outfit so well, just like all her other looks. We loved how she pulled of this sleek straight hair look. 5 Best Celebrity Looks This December 2015 1 2. The Fabulous Fishtail- Kriti Sanon We۪ve loved all the looks that Kriti Sanon pulled off during the promotions for Diwale but this is one of our favourites. The fishtail braid that she has sported suits her so well. We think she looks adorable. This braid would suit any christmas or New Year outfit so get adventurous and sport the fishtail! 5 Best Celebrity Looks This December 2015 2 3. Braided Up -Sonam Kapoor Sonam Kapoor is seen here looking ethereal as ever. She sported a tight low braided bun on Amitabh Bachchan۪s new show, Aaj Ki Raat Hai Zindagi۪, which went on air very recently. Sonam is always on top of her game but don۪t worry, you can be too if you go for the braided bun this season. 5 Best Celebrity Looks This December 2015 3 4. Crimped For Christmas -Sunny Leone Sunny Leone was recently spotted at the MTV FLYP launch event. She did something different and we loved it! Crimped hair is one style that celebrities don۪t sport too often and we۪re so glad Sunny did. Go ahead, crimp your hair and stand out! 5 Best Celebrity Looks This December 2015 4 5. Twisted Waves -Anushka Manchanda Anushka Manchanda looked gorgeous at the screening of the Angry Indian Godesses at the MAMI JIO Festival. She went for the medium waves, with one side of her hair tied behind her ears. This classic hairstyle goes really well with her entire look and we think she pulled it off effortlessly. 5 Best Celebrity Looks This December 2015 5
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