4 Bollywood Hairstyles For Men We’re Inspired By

The men of Bollywood are known to have impeccable style when it comes to their dynamic looks. When we think of male celebrities we automatically think of good looks! They know how to keep their bodies and their hair looking equivalent to that of any alpha male and we certainly don’t mind observing.  It’s quite a task for men to choose the right hairstyle nowadays, so boy’s let us spare you the tedious task of choosing a hairstyle by yourself and let the men of Bollywood do all the inspiring! 4 Bollywood Hairstyles For Men We’re Inspired By No Shave November – Shahid Kapoor Our very own Hamlet of Bollywood stays true to the meaning of ‘No-Shave November’. He sports a scruffy but serious look by keeping his hair and his beard long but still in shape. Sorry ladies Shahid’s off the market but his hairstyle sure isn’t! Also, beards are probably every woman’s weakness! So if you’re looking to impress consider this your inspiration.

shahid hairstyles

Long & Wavy – Hritik Roshan Any hairstyle would suit this Bollywood Greek God.  If you’ve got the height and the hair we suggest you go for this look and suit up. Carry it off with a bit of hair gel and wear it pulled back. You never know you might just end up looking like Bollywood’s Sexiest Man- Hrithik Roshan. hritik hair

The Crew Cut – Aamir Khan He pulled it off back when he shot Ghajini and he’s pulling it off now. Short at the crown area and relatively long in the front, this cut is ideal for Indian weather! If you don’t want the hassle of maintaining your hair but still want to look stylish, the crew cut’s for you. You can also experiment with line variations that can be shaved into your style; all you need is a good stylist.

aamir hair

Slicked Back Gentleman – Ranbir Kapoor We all know him as the ‘Chocolate boy’ of Bollywood. Staying true to his reputation, this heartthrob likes to experiment with looks but he always comes back to this sleek, dapper look, finished off with a coat of gel.

ranbir kapoor hair

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