5 Cool Hairstyles For Men

With dozens of haircuts and hairstyles popping around us with each passing year, finding the latest cool hairstyles for men has never been easier. Many trends come and go but some of the hairstyles for men remain as popular as ever. For men, the season and the temperature does not matter, but a timely haircut is always vital for men. A well-groomed man looks like a million bucks as opposed to an unkempt one. We've rounded up some of the coolest haircuts and hairstyles for men who prefer to wear their hair long, short, or medium. Whether you have curly or straight hair, we have the perfect men’s hairstyle for you to try!
virat kohli low fade hairstyle Courtesy: Pinterest| @desomalemodels

1. Low Fade With A Line

If you are looking for a haircut that is easy and quick to style than this is the look to go for. Ask your barber to give you a tight fade that goes up to the nape of the neck and reaches the temples on the sides. To style the look, lightly rub the through your hair while it’s damp.
pompadour hairstyle for men Courtesy: Pinterest

2. Slicked Back Pompadour With A Taper

If you are looking to add some volume and height to your hairstyle, then make this your new look. Ask your hairstylist to create a soft taper from the neckline up to the crown in the back and from the temples up to the round of your head on the sides. The top should be left long enough so that your hair can easily be brushed back toward the crown. To create a pompadour, use a comb to brush the damp hair back and away from your face while blow drying it. Starting at the hairline, apply the using your fingertips and spread it evenly through the hair. Finish the styling by using your palms to press down gently and flatten any loose strands that are out of place.
man bun hairstyles Courtesy: Instagram| @ranveersingh

3. Man Bun

It might not be the hairstyle you were looking for and might be a little off your radar but trust us, if you have long hair, then you should definitely give this look a try. The best part? It is really easy. Start by grabbing the and apply the same using your fingers through the hair. Gather all of your hair to the middle of the back of your head and hold it together in one hand. Use the other hand to twist the hair and roll it into a bun, then secure with a hair tie.
spike hairstyles Courtesy: Instagram| @tiferjackieshroff

4. Low Fade Spikes

Since fades have been trending and topping the grooming charts for a while now, this is a variation of this hairstyle that you ought to try. To get the perfect haircut, ask your stylist to keep the hair on the sides and at the back keep it short to create a fade into the hair two to three inches along on top. Rub the into your hands, then use your fingers to create the perfect spikes. This style has been a favourite of hot Bollywood celeb, Tiger Shroff.
ayushmann khurrana hairstyle Courtesy: Instagram| @ayushmaank

5. Faded Mess

If you are a guy who is blessed with voluminous mane, then this hairstyle inspired by Ayushmann Khurrana would be perfect for you This hairstyle is uber stylish and has a nonchalant degree of calculated carelessness about it. Take the and apply it carefully on the edges. Try not to apply it to your roots while you are at it because the secret behind this look is volume at the roots and shape at the ends. Once you are done, give your hair the desired shape using your palms and fingers with light pressure. There! You are all done. With these cool hairstyle ideas, you will be taking your style game up a notch. Are Bollywood celebs more up your alley for inspiration? You will definitely find something by reading, Top Looks From The GQ Awards 2018
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