5 Cute Hairstyles For Kids In School

Who doesn’t love dressing up their kids? Just when we thought they couldn’t get any more adorable, one look and our hearts melt. Dressing up our kids has always been a unique pleasure full of satisfaction only a parent will know. With Children’s Day around the corner, we’ve got some simple and quirky haircuts to make your kid look more adorable! 5 Cute Hairstyles For Kids In School 1. Half Up One can never go wrong with this classic. Designed for optimal cuteness, this hairstyle keeps the hair out of the face. It can be done with hair of all types and sizes, so go on, let your darling make your day! 2. Side Clip The easiest of the easy. Just part your daughter’s hair to the side, pull back a small section at the front and secure it with a clip. Double up on the cuteness with an adorable clip! 3. Double Buns Ideal for long thin hair. Pull the sleek hair back and tie two small buns on each side. Guaranteed to break the cuteness scale, this hair style will have your doll looking cuter than ever. 4. Short And Spiky Why should girls have all the fun? Go for a short and spiky look for your little boy. Easy to cut, easy to maintain, let that boy get as messy as he wants! BBLUNT itMatters Zero Shine Moulding Clay is perfect for this hairstyle. 5. Faux Hawk Bring out your boy’s inner Rockstar! Add some character to his aura with this cool hair style. Keep it short on the sides and leave the hair on top about 2 inches longer! Check out Easy Hairstyles For Sarees You Need To Try.
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