5 Easy Hairstyles A Dad Can Do For His Daughter

Who says only mothers can get their children dressed, and doing a daughter’s hair is out of any father’s abilities? Check out how any dad can be super dad with these 5 easy hairstyles for your daughter which builds a great bond with their little girls.

5 Easy Hairstyles A Dad Can Do For His Daughter 1. A Twisted Braid This is one of the late-for-school; quick options for dads who can’t do very complicated hairstyles. Comb until the hair is tangle-free. Divide some hair at the side of the head into two locks and twist them into braids. Then tie the braids together in a knot and fasten with a hair tie just below it. 2. Twisted Side Ponytail An easy, elegant hairstyle that will make your daughter look adorable. Part the hair to one side and separate off a thin lock of hair close to the face and above the ear and twist it into a braid. Then gather up the remaining, larger amount of hair using a comb and tie it together with the bundled-up braid to make a low ponytail slightly to one side. Loosen the hair tie a little so that the hair can be pulled out slightly to make a more flowing ponytail. 3. The Wrapped Pony Make a high or low ponytail, but leave a little hair underneath the tail free. Wrap the 1-inch section around the base of the ponytail several times, completely covering the ponytail holder. Use a hairpin to secure the end of the wrapped strand to the base of the ponytail. Repeat the process on the other side of the part to create two more twists, for a total of four. 4. An Asymmetric Bun Part the hair to one side and carefully gather it into a ponytail on one side of the head. Twist it, and gather it into a bun. Fasten with one or two hair ties. 5. An Alternative Ponytail Collect some hair to the top of the head and plait it to form a wide plait across the head. Then fasten the braid together with the unbraided hair using a hair tie.
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