5 Easy To Do Hairstyles For Wet Hair

Have no time to dry your wet hair, before you leave the house in an absolute hurry! How many times has this happened to you? A couple of times would be the honest answer. So, how can you fix this? Well, here are a few ways you can style your wet hair and go from the shower to out the door in no time. 5 Easy To Do Hairstyles For Wet Hair 1. Wavy bun You planned to curl your hair today but you have no time? Worry not_the wavy bun comes to your rescue! Begin by tying a ponytail and then twist your hair in one direction. Continue loosely twisting it around your head and you۪re just a few hours away from wavy hair! 2. French braid This hairstyle can give you fresh curls for your night out! When your hair is semi dry, tightly French braid your hair. When you۪re ready to party, open up the braid! For looser curls, you can brush your hair through with a wide toothed comb or run your fingers through it and just like that, you have 2 hairstyles! 3. Upside- down French twist Well girls, it۪s time to break preconceived notions about the French twist and bring back this look with a little twist! All you have to do is roll the twist down the head instead of rolling it up to create a cool, unfussy version of this hairdo. 4. Hairband twist and tuck The ideal hairstyle for when you۪re caught in the rain or don۪t have any time to blow-dry your hair! This twist looks super elegant and sassy and is also pretty easy to do. Begin by securing an elastic headband at the crown of your head, twist sections of hair and pull over the headband underneath and tuck under. Do this around your entire head for an instant make over! 5. Braided Headband This is really convenient for when you have no time to style your hair and you need fancy fashionable look in an instant. This can work great with open hair, ponytails, buns and braids! Can you imagine the versatility? it۪s a make shift French braid with just 2 sections. Take a section of your hair and twist it around towards the back, away from your face. Then take another section of your hair behind it and twist it up behind it (away from the face). Take another section behind the hair and twist it over. Continue this until you reach just above the ear. Voila! Wet hair to perfectly set hair.
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