5 Expert Tips On Dealing With Sweaty Hair

The monsoon downpour may be a blessing for those who are tired of the sweltering heat, but this weather only brings about more humidity, and sweat. Now all girls know the agony of touching their hair with sweaty palms, which only adds to its frizz. Feeling your strands get drenched with sweat at the nape of your neck isn’t pleasant at all. Here are 5 simple hacks to stop the humidity from interfering with your daily style. 5 Expert Tips On Dealing With Sweaty Hair 1. Choose Wax Wax is pretty much a gift for people with long hair. It’s much better than gel or oil as it glides easily and allows for smooth styling without giving you a sticky, crunchy look. Just apply it with your hands on wet hair, and you’re good to go! Wax is great for people with a short, sporty look too, as it adds texture and definition to less hair. 2. Don’t Shampoo Too Often Shampooing very often strips your hair and scalp of its natural oils leaving your hair dull and barren, and it loses its lusciousness. Limiting hair washes to 2-3 times a day is a better idea. 3. Hair Products Are The Key Keep away the frizz with BBLUNT’s Climate Control Anti Frizz Leave-In Cream. Alternatively, if you have curly hair, choosing BBLUNT’S High Definition Curl Defining Leave-In Cream is an ideal choice as this won’t let the sweat muss up your hair. 4. Heat Helps Blow drying your hair with a diffuser on low heat after applying your hair product is a sure shot recipe for a gorgeous mane. 5. Sport That Hat Dig your holiday hat out of your closet and cover your head. This will keep astray sweaty strands away from your face and avoid making your hair sweatier.
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