Remedies To The Rescue! 5 Quick Fixes For Hair Colour

Colour, colour on my hair, why are you fading away?  Get all your quick fixes for hair colour for women right here. If you don’t like your current look anymore or want it to be darker you can do it all! Take a look below and fix that colour the way you want! Remedies to the Rescue! 5 Quick Fixes for Hair Colour 1. Hair Gets Too Dark Shampoo the darkest areas of your hair with a non-colour treated shampoo several times. Follow this with a conditioner or a treatment formulated just for colour-treated hair. Make sure you use a sulphate-free shampoo especially created for coloured hair.   2. Hair Gets Too Light To get rid of this lighter hue, apply a darker shade of the same hair colour brand. Let it on your hair for half the recommended time. Check on your colour every five minutes. Once you feel your hair has become dark enough, rinse it out.   3. Too Red For Your Liking To tone down the colour, use a shade of brown which is on the same level as the shade of red you used earlier. Apply it to areas that are most red first and leave it on for five to 10 minutes. Check your colour after every 5 minutes. Once you feel your hair is dark enough, rinse it out.   4. Don’t Let It Fade Away If you are worried that all that styling and frequent washes are fading your colour away, it may simply be time for you to re-colour your hair. The shade that you had used previously is what you need to get that colour back in action. To make sure your colour doesn’t fade away, take more care while you style your hair. Use a colour treated shampoo to keep that colour intact.
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