5 Hacks To Tame The Frizz

Leave those frizzy days behind you with these simple hacks. Change the way you style your hair and the frizz will never bother you again! Check out these life-changing hacks to tame your frizzy hair below. 5 Hacks To Tame The Frizz hacks to tame the frizz Courtesy: Pinterest 1. Bottoms Down! Hair care and styling products with alcohol cause the hair cuticle to swell up, which creates frizz. Go for products that are alcohol-free to tame that frizz! hacks to tame the frizz Courtesy: giphy 2. Squeeze Me Avoid rubbing your hair with a towel. This damages your hair. Instead, squeeze the excess water from your hair gently and leave it to dry naturally. aishwarya rai Courtesy: giphy 3. Don’t Touch Constantly touching your hair causes frizz! So ladies, let those fingers stay away from that mane. anne hathway Courtesy: giphy 4. Don’t Strip Washing your hair too often strips the natural oils from your hair, making it drier and eventually causing frizz. Use the BBLUNT Back To Life Dry Shampoo to keep all those greasy days at bay. no heat for you Courtesy: Meme generator 5. Drop It When It’s Hot! High heat on your mane makes your hair frizzy. So try and use minimal heat on your hair to keep your hair looking smooth.
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