5 Hair Colour Myths

Courtesy: Instagram | @shibanidandekar Hair colour has become a way of expression. In a manner it’s being able to tell the world who you are. Colouring your hair is a difficult choice with all the million options available. On top of that, listening to all the horror stories spun by people about hair damage just takes all the fun out of the whole process. Let us put your mind to rest by breaking the myths about colouring your hair.   1. You Have to Keep Re-colouring Your Hair Once you have coloured your hair, there is absolutely no such rule that you have to colour it again. It’s entirely your choice. The bleach can cause a little loss of hair pigment, but besides that there is nothing stopping you from getting your natural colour back. The bleached hair will grow out eventually, and your natural hair colour will be back. 2. It Permanently Damages Hair Yes, hair colour has chemicals in them that open up your cuticles which let the colour sit properly. But chemicals always don't mean damage. With the right kind of products and the right kind of hair care, your hair will be as healthy as ever no matter what. 3. Can’t Oil Coloured Hair This myth is absolutely not true. In fact, oil helps your hair by adding shine to it. It also brings out the hair colour and repairs any harm caused to your hair. Wait for 10 days so that the colour settles in properly, and then oil your hair as you please. 4. Coloured Hair Products Are Not Required A common mistake most people make is they continue using their regular hair products even after colouring it. Colour-protect hair products are made keeping in mind the care needed for coloured hair. They have the required nutrients in them to keep your hair healthy, which is why it is extremely important to use the proper coloured hair products. 5. Can’t Colour Hair At Home The most common misconception regarding hair colour is that you need to go to a salon to get it done properly. Colouring your hair at home is not only doable but also totally easy. You just have to follow the instructions properly and you’re good to go. The BBLUNT Salon Secret Shades are there to bring the salon home for you. Whoever said hair colouring was a task haven’t met us! So put your worries to rest, and just go ahead with your dream shade. While these myths should definitely be ignored, you still shouldn’t forget to follow a hair care regime for your coloured hair. Check out these 5 Tips To Take Care Of Coloured Hair.
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