5 Hair Hacks For Bad Hair Days Every Girl Needs To Know

Are those bad hair days getting in the way of your night-outs? Well, we have 5 quick fixes for your mane to look glam and fab in just minutes! Read on to know what you can do to fix your bad hair days. 5 Hair Hacks For Bad Hair Days Every Girl Needs To Know 1. To shut out the frizz If your hair looks like a big frizz ball, turn it into a messy bun. Tease your hair a bit more, swirl it around and you have got yourself a messy bun. With a bit of styling product on your hair, you can curb those relentless flyaways! 2. For that oily hair Braids are the answer for that oily hair. Make tight braids and finish it off with some hairspray, this will make your braid look shiny and glossy. Welcome those greasy days, with some braids. The braids help to conceal the oiliness in your hair. 3. Change your parting On those bad hair days, a simple trick would be to change your parting. The other side would have more volume and would give a better shape to your face than your usual parting. When you are in a real hurry, this trick works best. 4. For those extreme bad hair days When no styling products help and no hairstyle works, you can cover your hair up with a scarf. You can choose to tie your hair up with the scarf or let it flow down. Either way, no one will ever know you had a bad hair day! 5. For limp hair If your hair is looking dull and limp, you can create some bounce with rollers. Apply some heat with a blow dryer and let it set, or just spray some dry shampoo on it. Turn your dull hair days into fabulous ones!
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