5 Hair Myths You Should Avoid To Get Shiner Locks

Are you wondering how to get that shine back on to your hair? Don۪t believe all those myths out there that promise you shiny and lustrous locks! We۪re here to set things straight or should we say_shiny? 5 Hair Myths You Should Avoid To Get Shiner Locks 1. Brush your hair to get that shine Well ladies, don۪t believe all the hair gossip you hear! Over brushing your hair can cause breakage and make your hair look dull. Your hair won۪t tend to shine if you brush it excessively. Just a few gentle strokes manage to spread the natural oils from the tip to the ends. 2. Wash your hair more often The pollution and the dirt gets to all of us, especially our hair. Excessive shampooing will make your hair dry and dull. More shampooing makes your hair less lustrous, so don۪t believe the rumour of the rinse and keep your hair washes to a minimum. 3. Let your hair grow long Get rid of those split ends, they make your hair lose its shine. Split ends lead to breakage and make your hair look dull, so be sure to trim your hair often. 4. Style your hair to perfection Don۪t we all love it when our hair looks absolutely perfect? But getting that perfect look with all those styling products ultimately makes your hair lose its natural shine. Use these products in moderation and keep your shine intact. 5. Blow dry your hair right after the shower Do you really want your hair to shine? In that case throw that blow dryer away! Blow drying your hair when its wet causes more damage than you think. Make sure to apply some heat protectant to your hair before you start blow drying it.
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