5 Hair Tips That Every Girl With Permed Hair Needs To Know

Want to get those gorgeous curls, but scared of getting that perm? We have it all chalked out for you below. A perm holds the curls together and gives your hair that bounce and drama it needs. If you follow the routine after you get this done, your perm will definitely get the looks it deserves!
5 Hair Tips That Every Girl With Permed Hair Needs To Know 1. Get Tested Before you get your perm, it is most advisable to get a strand test. This is the only way to make sure that your hair does not get damaged with the effects of perming. 2. Colour Drama If you have coloured your hair, you can still perm your hair up. You can even perm bleached hair and it will not cause any damage to your hair. 3. Long Time A perm ideally lasts for about 6 weeks to 8 months. It primarily depends on your hair growth. To maintain this look, you can touch up the root tips when required. 4. Trim It Up A regular trim will not only keep your hair looking healthy but also spring those beautiful curls up. 5. Change Is Good Once you have got the perm, use a shampoo for chemically treated hair so your hair stays strong and luscious! 6. Precautions                                                                                                                         Once You have permed your hair, make sure you don’t tie it for at least 1- 2 days. Avoid using a comb for at least one day and instead you can use your fingers to detangle or comb your hair out.
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