5 Hairspray Hacks You Need To Know For A Great Hairstyle

Are you using hairspray on your hair but don’t see the results? It is probably because you are not using it correctly! With these 5 simple tips, your hair will look naturally shiny and bouncy. Any hair-do lasts longer with just a spritz of hair spray. So spray it right, and let your hair do all the talking. 5 Hairspray Hacks You Need To Know For A Great Hairstyle 1. Don’t get too close Make sure not to keep that hairspray too close to your hair. Hold the nozzle at least 12 to 14 inches away from your head to set your hair-do in place and give it that finished look. 2. Over application is the enemy Hair spray helps your hair get that volume and shine, but too much of anything is bad. Using too much of the spray will create a helmet effect on your hair and ruin your entire look for the night. 3. Set those curls right When you want those curls tight, after you are done with the iron use a medium-hold hair spray. Be careful of spraying your hair when it is on the iron as that will burn and damage your hair completely. 4. Forget that frizz Spray a bit of the hair spray on the palms of your hands and smoothen the flyaway’s on your head. This prevents your hair from getting over saturated with products. 5. Keep Shining To get that shiny blowout, we have a simple trick! Apply a bit of hair spray on to your brush to blow dry your hair to shiny perfection. This will give your hair more volume and create a soft and shiny look that lasts long.
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