5 Exercises For A Glowing Mane

Courtesy: Theberry.com Summer’s finally over but your greasy hair days are still here because whether it’s pouring or not, you are hitting the gym this monsoon for sure. But your hair doesn’t have to suffer while you ace those health goals. Work on those sets without fear because we have got five sweat-proof hairstyles for you. 5 Exercises For A Glowing Mane The Classic High Ponytail Courtesy: Pinterest 1. The Classic High Ponytail We have to start this list with the gym staple - a classic high ponytail that you just can’t go wrong with. This look can be your go-to hairdo to combat sweat at the gym and can be achieved in a matter of 5 seconds so you can get straight to work! The Fishtail Braid Courtesy: Pinterest 2. The Fishtail Braid Here’s our solution to those annoying stray hairs that always get in your way! Braid your hair into the perfect fishtail that won’t come undone the minute you do a jumping jack like a lose braid would, and of course it looks way funkier. A Bubble Ponytail Courtesy: Pinterest 3. A Bubble Ponytail A regular ponytail can often be a pain to deal with when you have voluminous hair that keeps swaying around while you work out. Next time try this bubble ponytail that constrains your hair to stay in place and doesn’t bounce around. The French Braid Ponytail Courtesy: Pinterest 4. The French Braid Ponytail Master this easy to do half french braid - half ponytail hairstyle so you can keep away any baby hair and still make it look very effortless. Jlo’s Top Knot Courtesy: Pinterest 5. Jlo’s Top Knot Get some hairspiration from everybody’s favourite celebrity, JLo! With this sky-high top knot bun that’s guaranteed to keep your hair away from your face so you can focus on that kickass workout. Check out, How To Effectively Gym Proof Your Hair For A Workout.
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