5 Hairstyles to Rock This Monsoon

Having a love-hate relationship with the monsoon? Well, you’re not the only one there. Keeping your hair in place during the monsoon is such a challenge. Monsoon is a time when your hair is at its frizziest. You’ll notice that on some days your hair is greasy and gross and on others, it’s super dry and frizzy. Never, ever well-behaved! To tame your precious tresses you do not need to make several trips to the salon. Simply fight the frizz. Frizz is your worst enemy during this time and hence, read on for tips on how to keep your hair in place.
Ponytails Courtesy: @Pinterest

1. Ponytails

The tale of the ponytail is a classic one. Wear it sleek, messy, high or low – however, you like it. From desk to date – the ponytail is not only super easy to create but also very chic. Short hair or long Rapunzel-like hair – it keeps hair out of your face and keeps the frizz at bay. First things first, comb or brush your hair to remove the knots if any. Gather all of your hair at the mid-section and secure with a hair tie. For a more formal look, make it as sleek as possible. The Hairband

2. The Hairband

When the humidity is out, so should your headdresses, turbans and headbands. The hairband will keep your hair out of your face. With super trendy turbans and hairbands to choose from, it can instantly lift your outfit making it look super dressy. is your saviour. Take a dollop and apply it all over your hair to beat the frizz. It not only tames frizz and adds shine to hair but also leaves it smelling super good. Goodbye monsoon odour, hello awesome smelling tresses! Braided Crowning Glory

3. Braided Crowning Glory

Pitter patter raindrops. It’s raining braids, braids and more braids! A braid is a perfect style to beat the monsoon frizz. It keeps your hair protected from the gushing wind and the monsoon frizz. Choose from a regular braid, a fishtail braid or a mix of braids and twists. Before you start braiding or twisting, prep your hair with . Simply run it through the lengths of your hair and concentrate on your ends as that’s where hair is damaged most. Messy Bun

4. Messy Bun

Love a messy bun? It is simple, elegant and it’ll lift up your mood during the dull weather. Wavy, curly or straight, the messy bun is suited for all kinds of hair types. It screams ‘don’t mess with me’, rain! Add in two braids at the top of the head, one on each side to add volume as well as to make it look dressy. For when you’re feeling lazy and just want to avoid wash day, use .

5. The Monsoon Wave

Why not embrace the monsoon with this gorgeous wavy hairstyle? Play along with the frizz and use it to your advantage by using a volume enhancing product such as to enhance the wavy texture for a beautiful tousled look. Struggling with frizzy hair? Check out How Do You Know If You Have Damaged Hair!
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