5 Iconic Hair Trends from The Y2K That Are Buzzing Rn!

Yes, you read that right! The futuristic and tech-loving fashion from Y2K is back and we are totally obsessing over it. From fashion to hair, the iconic trends have paved their way back into 2021. Y2K was all about statement clips, beaded jewellery, a blend of pop culture and tech. And after 2 decades it has made a brilliant comeback. Instagram has taken the world by storm amidst months of quarantine, has been a major source of Y2K hair inspo and celebrities have also taken up the nostalgic look. Hairstyles from the early 2000s have made a sweeping comeback, we have spotted several celebs sporting these retro hairstyles that can instantly put you back in Y2K. 

Here are a few of our favourite Y2K hairstyles that you can rock with your OOTD. 

1. Curtain Bangs

The layered look from the 2000s is back people like it or not. Curtain bangs are one of the biggest hair trends of 2020. A fringe cut in an inverted V shape so that the shortest section sits where you part your hair curtain bangs angle down gradually on each side to delicately frame the face and grace the tops of. 

2. Space Buns

We're easing into the nostalgia with an obscenely popular one. Space buns have come in and out of style in the last decade, and they kind of teetering on the '90s–'00s threshold. That being said, we all know the 2000s are just the '90s on steroids, so we're giving this a free pass. 

3. Butterfly Clips 

Butterfly clips, snap barrettes, word pins you name it they’re all the rage. Pile them on, or uplift your hairstyle with just one spectacular accessory. Or just go ham with prominent butterfly clips that we’ve seen more and more of them all over Instagram these days. These accessories amp up any look and there are several ways you can style with them. Either way, they make a retro statement that feels somehow modern and timeless.

4. Face Framing Braids 

We all knew it was coming and now, it's finally here: We're in the era of the Y2K aesthetic revival. We're talking printed designer baguettes, super-shiny, lip gloss, Juicy Couture sweat sets, and now: face-framing baby braids. In these times, simplicity is the name of the game, and this hairstyle delivers just that. Achieving it on any texture is as easy as, well, just braiding. Take your front section, however big you'd like, and split it in the middle. Then, braid loosely until you reach the end and secure with a small elastic to keep the braid secure. Use a texturizing spray to give the hair more texture and an undone feeling. Once you hit your hair with BBLUNT’s Blown Away voluminizing leave-in spray.

5. High Ponytails 

High ponytails are one style that always looks chic no matter what and you don’t need to be a celeb to pull this off. Flat iron the length of your hair and gather up your hair at its highest point. Apply some of the BBLUNT Intense Moisture Serum to take care of any flyaways. Add in deep side part along with flipped ends for that early 2000s spin on this classic and you’re ready to slay!

It’s time to hit the rewind button and join the year of lip gloss, swirls designs, claw clips and absolute fun times. Try these hair trends from Y2K that buzzing all over the internet with BBLUNT’s hairstyling products that’ll help you take your look up a notch. 

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