5 Interesting Facts About Your Hair

How well do you really know your hair? These 5 facts will help test your hair knowledge. Your hair is much stronger than you think it is! Check out these interesting facts to get to know your hair better. 5 Interesting Facts About Your Hair 1. Your hair grows faster than you think Hair actually grows at around 0.33mm every day, so if you have not trimmed your hair yet, it would have grown 6 inches longer in no time! The more you treat your hair with heat, the more it tends to slow down the growth. 2. 100 is the number Don۪t get worried if you see your hair caught in your hairbrush, it۪s normal! On an average, we lose about 50 to 100 hair strands in a day. No need to get into a panic mode, your hair grows back fast. 3. Too strong to handle With excessive styling, your hair gets damaged and tends to break but don۪t take your hair lightly, it can support the weight of two elephants! 4. A trim doesn۪t accelerate hair growth Cutting your hair helps to get rid of split ends and frizz and keeps your hair in place, but it does not make your hair grow faster. You hair will grow at the same pace even after your haircut. 5. Good summer hair days The warmer the season, the faster your hair grows! The warmth stimulates the growth of human hair. When it۪s summer, make sure to get out more often and during winter increase the heating at home to get longer tresses!
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